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the long awaited tamagotchi keychains are here!

LIMITED SLOTS AVAILABLE: 10 (more may be added during the event period)

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  • A Tamagotchi shaker keychain – themed around and featuring a pixel sprite of your chosen character
  • An exclusive handmade nostalgia collection tag keychain – in hot pink
  • A sticker pack of all the artworks you’ve received, including: tamagotchi artwork, tamagotchi sprite, plus exclusive cow stickers!
  • A matte die cut print pack featuring the tamagotchi artworks




Additional pieces of each design available upon request. Complex characters or customization requests can usually be taken but may incur an additional fee.


All printed acrylic pieces are made from great quality, shiny, clear acrylic with high resolution colorful printing. All handmade acrylic pieces are made by hand from high quality acrylic. All stickers are handmade by us and are made from water resistant vinyl plus printed with a bright, high quality 6 ink printer. All prints are handmade using the same quality 6 ink printer on matte photo card.

Handmade stickers and prints should be kept safe and away from humid or moist surfaces, including waterbottles and surfaces that are in constant contact with hands. They work best on display somewhere special, behind clear phone cases or stuck to your laptop. Exposure to the elements (sun, water) wont make the ink run but makes the surface of the stickers more prone to scratching.


EVENT ORDERS WILL CLOSE JUN 30. All merchandise is aimed to be designed by August 1st* at which point we will begin production. Production + transport expected to take upwards of one month. Custom orders are non refundable. All times are estimated and are covid dependent. Our small team aims to have your orders and illustrations done to the highest standard possible in the most efficient time frame possible.

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Please fill out the MERCHANDISE FORM before purchasing.