COW Squid Game Pack


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What if Squid Game…. was Cow Game..

Live out your ultimate cow themed death game dreams with this limited edition Squid Game themed cow merch pack.


  • one Cow Guard sticker (7cm tall)
  • one smiley face Dalgona sticker (2cm tall)
  • a selection of cardboard Cow Guard or Dalgona cut outs (same sizes)
  • one Cow Game replica business card
  • super cool Squid/Cow Game themed packaging

ONE lucky buyer will find themselves the winner of the cow games and receive a voucher for 45.6 billion won 30% off your next order in the pack too!

Batch limited to 7 packs

Due to their limited nature, stickers are not water/weather proof and should not be placed on surfaces where they could be bumped, smudged or exposed to the elements