Illustration commissions start at $10 and may increase if you :

  • Want the illustration to be of a detailed subject.
  • Want a background and/or props.
  • Want more of the subject’s body shown (eg, a head-shot will cost less than a full-body).
  • Want extra subjects in the illustration.
  • Want complex pose/s.
  • Use the illustration commercially (eg, as an advertisement)

I can draw:

  • Anthropomorphic furry characters
  • Canine, feline or vulpine characters
  • Humanoid characters
  • Light gore
  • Fanart
  • Real people (from a photo)
  • OC’s

I can draw, but am not the most comfortable with:

  • Feral furry characters
  • Detailed mechanical aspects
  • Avian or marine characters
  • Heavy gore
  • Pets

I will not draw:

  • NSFW or suggestive content
  • Hate speech or symbols

Please keep this in mind when you commission me! I may charge extra for the things I am not as comfortable with, as the drawing will take more time and effort to get right. I’m always up for the challenge though!