LTI + Outlearning

Outlearning is extra learning that I’ve done to build on my life skills. LTI (learning through internship) is the careers portion of my curriculum, and is usually completed through an internship. This term Internships were suspended due to Covid-19. For LTI this term, I’ve completed weekly tasks intead.

the weekly tasks were set around different aspects of work and school. I learned about courses to do, other peoples careers, life essentials and lots of other helpful work/life skills.

I participated in a number of courses, webinars and other activities throughout the term

webinars and open days
JMC academy open dayYear 13 careers weekBig Day In
work and careers skills
I have been working a lot on selling my art this term. Ive made purchasable character designs (adopts) and also done some commissions for custom character designs. Ive been recording my income in a spreadsheet, so that I have records and can keep track of it.

I made a total of $210 from art in may.

I also did a charity auction that sold for $184, all of which was donated to the Black Lives Matter foundation.